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Leicester City 0-3 Chelsea, Tunnel Cam: Claudio Ranieri is just the nicest

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I got a fever and the only prescription is more tunnel cam!

Leicester City's tunnel cam is not quite good as Manchester City's tunnel cam — maybe it's Leicester tunnel is less conducive to all this than the Manchester City one? — but any tunnel cam is better than no tunnel cam. (Obligatory imploring of Chelsea to get a tunnel cam going already!)

Anyway, the highlights of this are mainly provided by Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri. The ex-Chelsea boss not only shares quite the embrace with the current Chelsea boss, but then two proceed to chat for quite a long time before Ranieri confuses Kanté with a small child. In fairness, Kanté does look like a small child, though this time just looked embarrassed and confused even more so than he normally does whenever he accidentally wanders into the spotlight.

The post-match portion has a wonderful soundtrack as the away support sings Conte's name as the players and staff start filtering off the pitch.

We need more tunnel cams!