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WATCH: Nemanja Matic and Cesar Azpilicueta dominate at Jenga and KerPlunk

I'm not entirely sure what "JD Football" may be or who the two hosts, "Stevo the Madman" and "Craig Mitch" are, or, for that matter, what is "Hold the L" (though Connect 4 is a fun game), but their idea to sit down with footballers and play classic family games instead of the usual FIFA or whatever other standard things are done in these sorts of videos, is quite genius.

(Genius is overused word, I realize this, but I'm absolutely loving this idea.)

This is only about the fifth episode in the series, but they managed to snag Chelsea duo Nemanja Matić and César Azpilicueta as their willing participants (and/or sponsored by adidas) and after a bit of initial awkwardness, the action heats up quite nicely. Azpi and Matić certainly aren't going to check their competitiveness at the door, even if the challenges ahead of them consist of Jenga bricks and KerPlunk straws.

Spoiler alert: 3-4-3-for-the-win!

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