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Leicester City vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It's not been entirely too impressive, but Chelsea are holding a slim 1-0 lead at the half and have largely looked comfortable, except in what seems like a series of miscommunications (or lack of communications) between Courtois and his defense, especially Cahill.  But so far, no harm done other than a few rushed and akward clearances and saves.  In fairness, other than his communication and a couple early decisions, Courtois has been excellent, especially on long throws.

Less excellent has Chelsea been going forward, with far too many giveaways and turnovers and failed flicks in midfield and the final third.  Pedro, as usual, has been grafting and it was his effort to win the ball off Azpilicueta's cross that got Chelsea the goal, but Willian has been quiet and Hazard, frankly, poor.  Improvement needed there.  There was a lovely set piece routine towards the end of the half that really should've been Chelsea's second, but Pedro got his shot just wrong.

So, Chelsea lead through Marcos Alonso's second goal of the season from Hazard's fourth assist of the season.  Let's see a bit of second half improvement, shall we?