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Antonio Conte makes Premier League history

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Three in a row!

Antonio Conte carved himself into Premier League history by leading Chelsea to 13 wins in a row, and now he’s repeated that trick by becoming the first manager ever, to win the Manager of the Month award three times in a row.

Earning the accolade three times in a season has been done before — Claudio Ranieri (15/16), Sir Alex Ferguson (99/00, 06/07), Carlo Ancelotti (10/11), and Joe Kinnear (93/94) — but it’s never been done in three consecutive months. Making history every day!

Since the award was announced shortly before today’s press conference, Conte a little about what it means and it what doesn’t mean in the grand scheme of things.

“It’s a great honour for me, a great pleasure for me and for my players and my staff.”

“This award is not for me, it’s for all. I want to share this award with my players and my staff. It means we are working very well. This award pushes me a lot to work more, to improve myself and my players and my team.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

Win together. Always improve.