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The Daily Hilario: Friday the 13th!

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Aina, Berahino, Chalobah, RLC at the b-ball.
Aina, Berahino, Chalobah, RLC at the b-ball.
Dan Mullan/Getty Images


Inspired by SNG's late comment in yesterday's DH, here's a great video from CineFix about the best of five different types of ending credits (Lemony Snicket gets a quick mention).

And to match...


#4 (Lord of War) & #5 (Fight Club) are easily two of my favorites, though there are tons of really good opening sequences.

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
13.05:  PL2 D1, 10th vs. 4th:  Leicester City U23 vs. CHELSEA U23
19.45:  Ligue 1, 12th vs. 8th:  Lille vs. ASSE
19.45:  Championship, 5th vs. 7th:  Leeds United vs. Derby County