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It’s Michael Ballack’s turn to visit with Conte at Chelsea

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The parade of former Chelsea stars coming back to chat with, learn from, train with, or simply just to hang out with Antonio Conte and the rest of the Chelsea boys continued today with Germany legend Michael Ballack paying a visit.

Michael Ballack has been a regular at home games this season at Stamford Bridge, often posting his predictions on Twitter and giving live updates from the stands at half-time and after the match. (He also often does the latter for Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich games — he split the prime of his career almost evenly between the two Bundesliga sides and Chelsea.)

Ballack spent just four years at Chelsea but won no less than five trophies (seven, if you count the Charity Shield), including a league title, a League Cup, and three FA Cups. He also finished runner-up twice in the league and once in the Champions League. Quite productive for just four seasons!

Nowadays, Ballack seems to keep busy with occasional punditry, charity tournaments, and of course supporting his Blues. Wonder what his prediction might be for Saturday’s match against Leicester City?