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Cesc Fabregas and Thibaut Courtois take turns trolling each other

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All in good fun.

With Chelsea being top of the table this season, one thing is easy to see: everyone seems to be having a lot more fun on and off the field. One of the byproducts of winning is the great chemistry that is developed between teammates.

An example of this is two players like Cesc Fabregas and Thibaut Courtois having a little fun on social media at each other’s expense.

After the squad’s training session yesterday, Cesc posted this video of him scoring against T-Bo several times with ease:

Easy practice against @thibautcourtois today in training

A video posted by Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) on

The caption “Easy practice against Thibaut Courtois today in training” is a joke about him being able to score on him whenever he wants and without much difficulty.

The Chelsea keeper wasn’t about to take that lying down as he shot back today after training with a video of his own:

Easy practice against @cescf4bregas #cfc

A video posted by Thibaut Courtois (@thibautcourtois) on

The banter is real. It’s great to see the guys having fun again and enjoying the fine run that the club has been on.