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First words: Like a new signing, Nathan Aké sets his goals for the rest of the season with Chelsea

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Immediately raising Chelsea's hair game.

It's time-honored tradition for Chelsea new signings to sit down with the club's in-house television channel for a "first interview", but this time it's Nathan Aké who gets to do that and he's been with the club since 2011!

Of course, Aké did just get recalled from his loan at AFC Bournemouth after six months, but unlike most of these cases, it wasn't because he was not getting any minute or not doing well. Quite the opposite, in fact.

How many minutes he will get not at Chelsea remains to be seen. He first has to get up to speed with Conte's tactics and methods, though there's obviously no concerns over his match fitness. Presumably, he will play in the FA Cup fourth round match at the end of the month, if nothing else, though if Marcos Alonso's leg injury continues to deteriorate, he might see minutes before then.

"[Conte] is happy for me to come back. He said he's watched my games and that I did well in those games. He wants to see me here, how I'll do in this team and, yes, to learn different positions."

"I'm looking forward to training and learning a lot under this coach."

-Nathan Aké

Conte has hinted at using Aké mostly in defense, and mostly at center back, but we know he's versatile enough to deputize at multiple posititions, including midfield as well. Versatility is, after all, his one undeniable quality.

Welcome back, Nathan Aké. Time to get to work!