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John Terry does not get extended ban for frivolous appeal of red card in FA Cup match

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The Chelsea captain will be suspended only for this weekend’s game against Leicester City

Chelsea captain John Terry made his glorious return to the Chelsea starting lineup on Sunday, taking the place of benevolent leader of the universe David Luiz in the heart of the three-man backline. And everything was going quite swimmingly for about the first hour, at which point a couple rash challenges left Terry exposed 1-v-1 against Peterborough’s Lee Angol. Terry’s own rash challenge (and/or slip, though that hardly matters) took out Angol, denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Referee Kevin Friend, after a bit of consideration, produced the rather unsurprising red card.

Except apparently it was surprising for some, including Terry himself and Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte, who suggested after the match that the club would be appealing the decision. And so we did.

Unsurprisingly, again, The FA laughed it off.

On the plus side, at least Terry did not get an additional one-match ban for a frivolous appeal. I realize that harsh red cards are en vogue these days, but neither JT’s argument that he “didn’t touch” Angol (which doesn’t matter, especially since the red wasn’t for violent conduct) nor any potential claim that Ivanovic was a covering defender should hold any water.

Anyway, that was fun. Terry will thus not be available for the match this weekend against Leicester City (spoiler alert: he wouldn’t have played anyway, in all likelihood); he will be back for the match against Hull City in ten days as well as the FA Cup 4th round to follow the midweek after.