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WATCH: Didier Drogba's love for Cote d'Ivoire is strong

Vice Sports follows the Chelsea legend around for a mini-documentary on his homeland.

Didier Drogba has traveled all over the globe to play football, from France to England all the way to the United States. One thing has stayed constant in his life, his love for his country.

The great video production team at Vice Sports recently interviewed the Chelsea legend, revealing his deep passion for the Ivory Coast and why, to this day, he still feels a need to give back to the place he was raised. Even if you're already quite familiar with his philanthropic efforts — from his foundation to that time he and his teammates successfully stopped a civil war in the country — this is still a great watch and a timely reminder given the recent controversy that the Daily Mail managed to drum up around his foundation. The hospital in question from that "investigation" is just a small part of everything that Drogba's done and will continue do for his country.

Didier Drogba, a true legend on and off the field.

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