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The battle for Andreas Christensen is just beginning between Chelsea and Borussia Monchengladbach

Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Andreas Christensen joined Chelsea as a 15-year-old prospect from Denmark, and it was pretty clear from day one that he had oodles of potential to nurture and fulfill.  He quickly outgrew the challenges offered by youth football, spending most of the 2014-15 season training with the first-team but making only three appearances in all competitions.

Hitting the loan trail was the next logical step, though one fraught with the usual dangers that these things tend to entail.  Fortunately, even though he was still just a teenager, he found a great home at Borussia Monchengladbach, establishing himself as the linchpin in their three-man backline and getting regularly tested against top class Bundesliga and Champions League opposition.  The two-year loan arrangement allowed Gladbach to perhaps rely on him more than teams tend to do on loanees, though there's little doubt that the German side had and have designs on acquiring Christensen's services on a permanent basis, just as they did with Thorgan Hazard.

Over the summer we've already heard rumors of Gladbach willing to spend a club record amount on the now 20-year-old Danish international.  So far, any such notions have been quickly dismissed by other rumors claiming a future for Christiansen at Chelsea.  There were even suggestions that Chelsea would cut the loan short and bring the kid back this summer, though cooler heads prevailed and the loan contract's original terms were honored.  Which means that the battle for Andreas Christensen's future is just beginning.

"I have not talked to [Chelsea] about my situation, no. I've only talked to them about what I would like to have feedback and video from them after my matches."

"I find it hard to choose, so I choose to not really think about it. I enjoy life and that we win matches, and so I leave everything else lie."

And when he says he's not thinking about it, he means he's not thinking about it.  Which is about as diplomatic an answer as can be given in this situation, good enough to satisfy both sets of fans to a certain extent.

"I will not be affected by it, and I try not to notice it. [...] I would rather concentrate on playing."

-Andreas Christensen; source: via Google Translate

It's a delicate situation, no doubt, though Chelsea have experience in navigating circumstances in Thibaut Courtois's multi-year loan spell at Atletico Madrid.

Despite David Luiz's arrival this summer, Chelsea's defensive corps remains a rapidly aging and slowing bunch.  It's all set for Christensen to return and stake his claim next summer.  But I doubt it's going to play out so simply and smoothly.  (Does it ever?)

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