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Carabao hoping to build on £30m Chelsea sponsorship to challenge Red Bull in the UK

Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look around Chelsea nowadays, Carabao seems to be there.  On the training kits, on the warm-up shirts, on the walls, in your cups, online and around the stadium, the loud red circle with the water buffalo skull and giant horns is staring you right in the face.  The logo is as soulless as it is cartoonish, a garish reminder of modern football's commercial reality.  Gotta play the game or be left behind.

"We chose to spend a huge amount of money in the Chelsea partnership as a platform to build our brand worldwide. It's a key stepping stone for us."

"Going to the UK is like fighting with other giants. But it doesn't intimidate us because Carabao overcame Red Bull in Thailand, which was in the market much longer."

-Carabao; source: Bangkok Post

Carabao's plan to take over the world is probably not something we should be overly concerned about, but this story does reveal that Carabao's paying £30m over three years for the privilege of assaulting your senses with their ubiquitous logo.

Did we know this already?  We might have, but it seemed like new information when I started typing this up.  Now I'm not so sure.

Either way, TASTE THE BEAST!

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