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Behind the scenes: More Costa, David Luiz shenanigans, plus Conte's jealous of someone's literally golden boots

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Mildly interesting.

Chelsea Unseen is back for another week, though as has become the trend lately, it features a lot of videos and other bits that we'd already seen through the week.

For example, there's a repeat of the youth team's rondo and shooting practice and of Fran Kirby's return to practice with Chelsea Ladies, who take on league leaders Manchester City tomorrow in a must-win match. But there are a couple new things as well, including an extended look at the shenanigans of Diego Costa and David Luiz, as well as a bit of horsing around from the youngster boys (see, even Thibaut Courtois has fun sometimes!).

The most interest bit is at the end, as we get a glimpse into the boot room where Ola Aina has some sparkly new boots that Antonio Conte can't help but admire. Plus, we see how all the boots travel from Chelsea to Arsenal ahead of tomorrow's match. How do we get that job?