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Fly on Chelsea dressing room wall reveals few details of Conte's angry post-match reaction

Clive Rose/Getty Images

The latest report on Chelsea from The Times promises a fair amount of juiciness, but reveals very little insofar as head coach Antonio Conte's reading of the riot act at the players after Friday's loss.  All we get are generalities; is it too much to ask for at least a few kicked bottles or slammed doors or shouted Italian obscenities??

We learn that Conte was apparently "very upset" by the players' performances and accused them of "failing to play as a team" and being "overcome by fear" at the sight of Liverpool.  Interesting strategy to be yelling at the team about being too fearful — would he expect them to cower in response once again, or stand up against it like he would've wanted them to during the game?

Conte's former players and Conte himself had talked extensively about hating to lose many times before — Conte just ahead of the match even said that he can't sleep after losses — so none of this should really be a surprise.  The surprise would be if we didn't care.  Then we'd be having real problems...

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