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Thibaut Courtois vs. Liverpool: Long overdue wonder-save not enough

Encyclopaedia Thibautica, Volume III.1

UPDATE: The original video has long been removed. This save is the first one in the compilation above.

It's been over a year since the last time I can recall Thibaut Courtois making a save I didn't quite expect him to make.*

The occasion back then was a penalty kick against West Bromwich Albion, and the save proved a turning point for Chelsea (albeit only for the match, rather than the whole season). Alas, the save on Friday didn't even go that far. It kept Chelsea in the game by keeping the deficit at just one goal, the Blues failed to find an equalizer. Still, a tremendous save is a tremendous save from the still very young Thibaut Courtois.

The 24-year-old, who actually started the match with a shaky moment of his own (letting Sturridge's shot squirm out of his hands and almost into the goal) had a few choice words about the team's performance afterwards.

"We didn't start well. First half we didn't have the duels, we didn't have the second ball, everything was for them. They pressured us and we couldn't cope with it. It was very hard and we gave two goals away. The second half was a bit better, we scored and had some pressure but I don't think we had a big chance."

"The first goal was a set-piece that they took quick, everybody ran to the first ball and they ran to the second ball, put a good cross in and it was a good goal. Everyone was a bit shocked, we didn't start well and then they scored the second when we didn't defend well. We tried to come out but when we tried to get better they scored the second."

"It is from a throw-in, maybe we didn't follow the man, the ball goes to Henderson with no pressure on him and he makes a world-class goal. Then it's difficult to create chances. It's hard, last year we came back against Tottenham. We scored quite early but after that we didn't have a great chance to score so that's a pity."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: Chelsea FC

When Costa scored his goal, I was quite confident Chelsea would be able to come back. Alas...


* As it turns out, my memory's just very hazy and completely forgot about Courtois's performances against Manchester United, which included a rather ridiculous save from Ander Herrera. The full Encylopaedia is as follows:

.1: David Nugent (Leicester City)
.2: Kevin Mirallas (Everton)
.3: Adam Lallana (Liverpool)
.4: triple save (Hull City)

.1: James Morrison (WBA)
.2: Ander Herrera (Manchester United)

.1: Divock Origi (Liverpool)

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