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Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Premier League: Half-time report

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Chelsea down 0-2 at the half. Plenty of room for improvement.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Well, Chelsea are a second-half team, right?

Despite all the build-up all the hype and all the anticipation, Chelsea came out flat, inaccurate, and disorganized and have been distinctly second best for much of the first-half against the buzzing red-shirted buzzards.  The visitors have had the better chances, the better shots, the better passes, the better tackles, the better attack, the better midfield, and the better defense and unsurprisingly enough, lead 2-0.

Having said that, both goals were preventable, with an absolute breakdown in marking and the offside trap keeping Dejan Lovren onside for a cool side-footed finish, then a horrendous clearance from Cahill (hardly the only one in the half from a Chelsea player) falling to Henderson who uncorked a goal of the season contender, which was as surprising as it was annoying.

Hard to find anything positive to say about Chelsea at the moment.  The likes of Cahill, Matic, Hazard are playing at their last season worst.  Ivanovic, Azpilicueta are non-entities, Willian rather one-note, Costa isolated and ineffective.  Oscar's working hard and so is Kanté, but that's little consolation.  David Luiz has been ... okay.

All that adds up to a rather poor half from Chelsea.  But there are 45 minutes to turn it around.  Let's do this.