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And now, a curated selection of tremendous Chelsea goals against Liverpool

In yet another sign of Chelsea's improving social media and video engagement, here's a curated selection of a few famous, tremendous, fantabulous Chelsea goals against Liverpool.  There are the obvious ones, such as Cahill's from preseason (yay, I guess?), Hazard's from last year (our goal of the season, arguably) or the Alex free kick (which nearly obliterated Ricardo Carvalho), but it's good to see a few less often discussed ones, too.

Points to anyone who identifies the mystery man with the overhead kick goal from Di Matteo's free kick.

Meanwhile, in more immediate matters, here's a video to get you hyped up as we enter the final hour before the teams are announced, the lights are turned on, and the free beer and Carabao flows like there's no tomorrow.

I mean, how good is that?!  Let's hope the result matches the build-up.

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