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PES attempt to gazump EA Sports for Michy Batshuyai

Is this the first ever video game allegiance transfer saga?

Apparently Michy Batshuayi is the hottest free-agent on the football video game scene. If you’ve been following the ever-evolving drama this week, you’ll know that the Chelsea striker was very displeased with his passing rating in EA Sports’ FIFA 17 game.

After bluffing to download EA’s biggest competitor’s video game, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), it seemed like the two parties settled their differences and put the rating scandal behind them.

However, PES threw a wrench into the proceedings on Thursday by announcing that Batshuayi’s passing rating was far superior in their game:

To which, the young Belgian responded:

Oh my word. Are we witnessing the first ever video game allegiance gazumping right in front of our very eyes? Poor EA Sports. They must feel like Tottenham Hotspur after the Willian transfer fiasco right about now.

All this over a silly rating. I guess one of the companies could just cave in and offer him a sponsorship deal to guarantee his loyalty.

The video game fandom world is cut-throat. Stay tuned for the latest on this intriguing drama...

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