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WATCH: Azpilicueta, Oscar, Moses predict each other’s FIFA 17 ratings

As you probably know by now, FIFA 17 is approaching. The demo of the game dropped yesterday with the full game releasing in just about two weeks (Sept. 27 in North America, Sept. 29 in Europe).

This week has already had it’s share of player ratings news and drama. It’s funny to see how the players view themselves in contrast to how the makers of the game do in terms of the ratings.

In this fun video, Cesar Azpilicueta, Victor Moses, and Oscar all try to guess each other’s ratings before finding out their actual numbers. Here’s how that played out:

The most telling moment in the video is when Azpilicueta gives Oscar a 74 in defending but his actual rating is a 43. Cesar is Oscar’s teammate and sees him play almost every day. While 43 may be about average for an attacking midfielder in FIFA’s grand rating scheme, it’s obvious that Oscar’s teammates rate him rather highly in real life. Thus this is where the disconnect between real life skills and video game ratings occurs.

There’s also a big discrepancy between physical rating that Oscar gives Moses and rating EA gives him. In their minds, they are being honest, but it’s just not in sync with EA’s system of ratings. It’s very interesting to see the video game data world and the real football world collide like this. Each entity will think the other is off-base, when in reality perhaps they are both correct.

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