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The Michy Batshuayi vs. EA Sports ‘feud’ is intensifying

Threats have been made...

Yesterday we passed the boredom of no mid-week Chelsea action by learning that Michy Batshuayi was not happy at all with his passing rating in EA Sports’ FIFA 17 video game.

A day later and the banter is continuing. The official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account saw his complaints about his 59 passing rating and sent this retort:

This is:

  1. Good banter
  2. Great advertising
  3. Escalating the ‘feud’

The Chelsea striker wasn’t about to take that insult laying down and pretended to go and download FIFA’s biggest competition, Pro Evolution Soccer, instead of playing their game again.

Of course he was just joking and clarified so. He is just fighting really, really hard for his justice by stating his own stats as proof.

This is getting serious, folks. We’re a few tweets away from an all-out ratings war.

For what it’s worth, I’ve played with Batshuayi in the FIFA 17 demo and he’s fantastic in the game. He should be proud of his ratings, as unjust as they may be. But, keep on fighting the good fight and hopefully they’ll listen once he hopefully gets a special Team of the Week in-form card this season.

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