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Michy Batshuayi not pleased with his FIFA 17 passing rating

The disrespect is real...

Footballers are just like us normal folk. Michy Batshuayi was one of millions around the world today awaiting the launch of EA Sports’ FIFA 17 demo. Conspiracy theories about why the demo wasn’t released on time began spreading around the internet like wildfire. Had it been delayed until another day?

The Chelsea striker had a plausible explanation for the lack of a demo. EA Sports just needed some extra time to fix his exceedingly low passing stats in this year’s game:

Every since the ratings for all the Chelsea players dropped on Monday, Michy has been upset by receiving a 59 rating for his passing attribute and rightfully so.

As he himself points out, 59 is what a Bronze level card would get not an 81 rated Premier League striker.

While he’s not content to settle for his sub-par passing rating, he’s willing to concede that his comical 27 rating in defending is probably justified.

The demo is finally rolling out across the world with Chelsea available as a team to play with. It’s highly unlikely that the delay was caused by Batshuayi’s passing rating, but it’s nice to have dreams.

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