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Cahill furious after missed foul costs Chelsea

He mad...

Swansea City v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill was at the center of attention during the club’s 2-2 draw away to Swansea on Sunday. With the score deadlocked at 1 midway through the second half, the England international was knocked over/stumbled in front of his own goal allowing Leroy Fer to walk in on goal and give Swansea the lead.

Thankfully Diego Costa’s second goal of the match was enough to salvage a point, but all the talk was about the Cahill mishap. Was it a foul or just terrible defending? Well, the man himself definitely has a strong opinion about it. He took to Twitter to voice his anger of not getting the foul call. He’s since deleted the tweets, but once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. First, like a normal person, he posted a GIF of the incident:

He followed that up with an all-emoji tweet showing his true feelings on the matter without saying more than one word, like a normal modern day social media user would:

That’s one way to avoid getting fined for comments about the referee...

If he would’ve stopped there, he would’ve been fine. But according to the BBC, he didn’t. He had these choice words for the no-call:

"It's a clear foul. I'm frustrated. Come on, seriously! You could be sat on the moon and see it is a clear foul. I took the touch away from him, he came through the back of me. It was clear as day and seeing it back has made me even more angry.

"It's all fun and games for the fans isn't it but it's the players who suffer. That kills me and kills my team. We have dropped two points which is massive in this league.

"Look at my face! It's incredible. I said to the referee there's three of you that can see that. There were two fouls, and between the officials they have said that they couldn't see it. For me that is incredible."

Oof. The Premier League is on line one, Gary...

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