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And now, four minutes of funny Eden Hazard video clips

Intrepid Chelsea fan and YouTube user EgzonCFC has put together a short video of some of Eden Hazard's greatest non-footballing moments at Chelsea.

Obviously, a video of his greatest footballing moments would be considerably larger, but in the four short years he's been with us at Stamford Bridge, he's already amassed a decent collection of funny video clips, appearances, moments.

There's the infectious laugh, the constant twinkle in the eye, the nonchalance in the face of his own greatness -- qualities we've come to know and love ... and sometimes be annoyed by when we think it's what separates him from the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and all the other top-top class footballers. But this approach, this attitude is what works for Hazard, and for that, we love him so.

Eden Hazard may be the least serious superstar in all of world football. And in a way, that makes him the bestest.


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