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The Daily Hilario: WaFFLe divisions

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.


All emails have been counted and arbitrary decisions made.  If you were not chosen, it was probably not personal.  I mean, in a sense it was as I always choose names I recognize or know to be active in the comments.  After all, the reasoning behind this whole exercise is community-building.

Here are the divisions, 12 teams each, commissioner in bold.  I will be sending group emails out to all the divisions, and then all y'all can take it from there.

Teams:  Bear Power, Chelsea Football Club., Crushgunners Town, Cowboys 'n Indians, dareNevils, Dodgy Flappers, Havana Villa FC, Langers Athletic, Slumdog TMIL-lionaires, The Harvey Wallbangers, Vote For Azpilicueta, What A Load of Ballacks

Capn Geech's Shrimp Shack Shooters, Compton Clovers C.F., DP's All-Stars, EMENALO AND THE SNAKE CHARMERS, Falcao Punch, Hawkeye FC, Icier Than Before, Kudla Warriors, Los Compadres FC, Something something Sael side, Taco Bellerin, TeamNotScared

The Ak-Baba Rahmans, BT Blues, Crossing Torres, The Expanding Flans, Hazard's behind, Kalou-less, Thousand Upper Volta, Whoa what's happening here

Crossing Torres (i.e. K.Enoch) was the only one to explicitly mention that he would want to be commissioner, so he gets the job.

With only four teams in total dropping out (which, I might add, is a really good retention rate from 36 players), the four newbies joining division 3, picking unfairly and entirely not at random, will be: gingerconte, Norzzini, Special 26, tatamourinho


The rest of the newbies, 36 more have been roughly divided into three groups.  This is more or less at random, but if you want to switch with somebody, feel free to sort it out in the comments.

Apologies to anyone who sent me an email but did not make the cut.

Animesh96, BLEED_BLUE_FOREVER, Gaurav4, Gianluigi Buffon, GOANGEEZER, hazardislife, Kidrah, QuestyCat, Relax & Enjoy The Drogs, skeletalsid, The neckbeard of Fabregas, WiZaCar17

Chelsea's Marvels, Conte's Inferno, Erland_Johnsen, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, guessmyfavoritecolor, Larry_8, Lord Tyrion, Martinez#47, Pharaohnee, robdatta, ThatGuyChike, The Asheville Heel

BleedingWalrus, Dani3850, Calum Thompson, jaysasak, jt bleeds blue, KTBFFH!!!!!!!!!!, Mark XI, NateGoBlues, poshben, South African Blue, TheMuppet, Tony90908

RESERVES: ahoehler,, The_Fez

Reserves are first in line if anyone drops out between now and league setup/registration.  If we need more, we'll figure something else out.

If you do not see your name anywhere in the list above, do not despair.  Come hang out and enjoy the WAGNH community, a mostly nice and welcome place (certainly as far as Internet comments sections go).


FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.00:  Olympics, Women's tournament:  Sweden vs. South Africa
19.00:  Olympics, Women's tournament:  Canada vs. Australia
18.45:  Champions League, 3rd qual. rd., 2nd leg:  Steaua Bucharest vs. Sparta Prague (1-1 agg.)
19.00:  ICC:  Barcelona vs. Leicester City
19.30:  Champions League, 3rd qual. rd., 2nd leg:  PAOK vs. Ajax Amsterdam (1-1 agg.)
19.45:  Champions League, 3rd qual. rd., 2nd leg:  Celtic vs. Astana (1-1 agg.)
19.45:  Champions League, 3rd qual. rd., 2nd leg:  Anderlecht vs. Rostov (2-2 agg.)
19.45:  Champions League, 3rd qual. rd., 2nd leg:  AS Monaco vs. Fenerbahce (1-2 agg.)
20.00:  Wayne Rooney Testimonial:  Manchester United vs. Everton
20.00:  Olympics, Women's tournament:  Brazil vs. China
22.00:  Olympics, Women's tournament:  Zimbabwe vs. Germany
23.00:  Olympics, Women's tournament:  USWNT vs. New Zealand
00.30 (next day):  ICC:  Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid
02.00 (next day):  Olympics, Women's tournament:  France vs. Colombia
02.00 (next day):  ICC:  AC Milan vs. CHELSEA

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