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Cesc Fàbregas takes to social media to respond to Chelsea exit rumors

Top man, Cesc Fàbregas.

Cesc Fàbregas has had a bit of practice with this sort of thing already, unfortunately.

Last year, he took to social media to respond to rumors that he was leading a "mutiny" against Jose Mourinho, and even went as far as to threaten legal action against the website "The Secret Footballer".  Their apology in response did little to stem the narrative tide of course, but Cesc's improved performances in the second half of the season largely shoved those stories into the background and out of public discourse.

Since Conte has taken over, the talk around Fàbregas has shifted from his commitment to suitability — as in, will he be able to operate in a Conte-style midfield.  Early indications are that, as expected, he will not be first choice, though given his impact off the bench against Watford and his adequate performance in the League Cup, he's bound to get plenty of minutes this season still.

Regardless, with Cesc once again on the bench Saturday and the transfer window closing on Wednesday, Silly Season had to get in a couple more rounds.  So here's Fàbregas again, using all his social media accounts to broadcast his side of the story.

In case that Instagram embed ever decides to stop working, the message reads:

Contrary to what has been written, the manager and I have a good relationship and he has NEVER told me that I can leave. He said that he counts on me, as I count on him. I will continue to fight for this club until the very end and when called upon I will always give my very best. I'm fully committed to @chelseafc and my only goal is to help them win more trophies. #ChelseaFC

-Cesc Fàbregas

We had assumed that these latest Fàbregas exit rumors were utter nonsense, so this denial is not shocking in the least.

Carry on.

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