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Conte confirms club still working hard on landing defensive reinforcements

The market might be crazy, but Chelsea need to add to the squad and Antonio Conte knows it

Watford v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Wha better time to talk transfers than in the wake of yet another dramatic victory? Chelsea beat Watford 2-1 thanks to a frankly inspired performance by late substitute Cesc Fabegas, but since this is August we know what the important parts of Antonio Conte’s pressers are. Are new players coming in? When? Who?

Obviously there won’t be any real answers until our putative transfers actually happen (or the deadline passes without any moves), but it’s nice to be reassured that the club is actively working to reinforce the back line. Here’s Conte:

Five defenders in a senior squad (which I think counts the still-injured Kurt Zouma) is an unhappy number of defenders That will have to change or we’ll end up with Nemanja Matic playing centre half or something stupid. But from the sound of things, we shouldn’t expect any moves in the immediate future:

With Romelu Lukaku now officially staying with Everton, perhaps Chelsea have a little more money to spend on a defender. Because like or not, we’re in a crazy market with a very real need, and we’re going to have to pay.

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