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Watford vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

And now, as per tradition, a second 45 minutes will follow the first.  Not that the first half warranted any of this to continue.  Chelsea and Watford are scoreless at the half.

An opening 30 minutes of little of note was followed by 15 minutes of choppy little of note.  At one point, the heavens opened and a torrential downpour passed over.  There was lighting and maybe thunder, things that have been largely missing from the product on the pitch itself.

Of course, we warned that it wouldn't be easy, but maybe if a few other players would start playing besides just Eden Hazard, we might get somewhere.  Chelsea do have the edge in possession, but other than a couple moves and a low cross from Hazard, it's been rather sterile.

On the plus side, Conte's teams are known for being second half teams, and as we saw on Monday, Chelsea can turn it up a notch after the half-time break.  The Blues finished on the upswing, with a bit of sustained pressure and even a goalmouth incident.

So there's something to look forward to.  Gotta pass faster, run harder, play better.  Come on, Chelsea!

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