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Watch Eden Hazard nutmeg a small child for a good cause

A man of the people

Eden Hazard has found himself over the past few months. Last season was a miserable one for Chelsea and especially for him personally as he failed to produce the individual brilliance we’re all expecting from him.

Something clicked at the end of last season and ever since we’ve been reintroduced to the Eden Hazard of old.

A poor kid at a Topps Match Attax training camp found this out the hard way this week. Hazard went and visited the kids camp as part of his usual great community work. As part of the visit, the kids thought it’d be fun to try and defend him 1 v 1. Here’s how that turned out:

Maybe last season the kid could’ve stopped him, but not this year, sonny boy. Hazard ruthlessly megged him twice, sending the audience of children into an uproar.

The funniest part of the video is hearing a kid in the background yell out “I want to go against Hazard!” — He probably thought differently after seeing his pal get embarrassed. Okay, probably not. I’d love to be able to tell my friends I got nutmegged by one of the best players in the world. What a thrill for those kids and a cool thing for Eden to do in his downtime.

He also participated in a Twitter Q&A while there. You can see the full back and forth here.

The most interesting answer came when he was asked which team he’s looking forward to playing most this season. He responded with this:

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