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How should Chelsea line up against West Ham United in the first match of the season?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We're a little over 48 hours from kick-off at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and West Ham United.  It's time to start the weekly grind.

So, welcome to the first "you choose" of the new season.  I'm trying a slightly different format, having discovered this new Google Forms option of a multiple choice grid.  It's perhaps not as foolproof as the previous method, but should allow for finer control of how you would want the team to line up.  Every position is allowed to be selected more than once, so do exercise some common sense (i.e. don't pick 10 right backs, regardless of how bad you think Ivanović may be).

Not every player has to be selected.  The Bench option is there purely as a failsafe — you cannot unselect radio buttons, so if you change your mind on a player and you no longer want him to start, you can just remove him (without reloading the page/form).  So in that case you just move him to the bench.  Remember, it's goalkeeper plus ten players.  Them's the rules!

Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully we get usable data.  If not, we'll go back to the old simple style of ten checkboxes.  Unless somebody has a brighter idea.

In any case, Chelsea have almost a full squad available for the season opener.  Kurt Zouma (ACL rehab) and Mikel John Obi (Olympics) miss out.

Choose wisely!

(Live results disabled as it won't let me make the summary public/accesible for some reason.)

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