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Who is Brazilian wonderkid, Reevaldo?

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What goes on during transfer negotiations? What do agents really do? What does a player contract look like? What does a transfer agreement look like? What are release, buy-back, and sell-on clauses and how do they work? What are performance bonuses and how are they calculated? Who decides which players get work permits? Is third party ownership still a thing? How are shirt deals negotiated between sponsors and clubs and what are the terms of those deals? How does a player from one country end up representing another country in international football?

The sports law team at Mills & Reeve (of which I am a part) are going to try to shine light on all of these issues, and many more, in an engaging way.

In order to do this, we thought it would be fun to chronicle the careers of two fictional footballers, starting with the young Brazilian striker, Reevaldo.

These are all issues that Chelsea and their players face on a regular basis, but few people outside of the football industry know the answer to these questions.

At WAGNH, we'll use the lessons learned from Reevaldo's journey to shine light on specific situations Chelsea have been involved in. For one, as a young Brazilian attacker, Reevaldo has a very similar make-up to the likes of Oscar, Lucas Piazon, Kenedy, and Nathan. He'll face many of the same issues they have, and like most young Brazilian signings, his career could go in any number of directions.

Che Brompton Park FC actually sent scouts to sign Reevaldo, but Armory, Salford United, and newly-promoted Paddington United, are in for him as well.

Next week, when the story of Reevaldo's transfer is published, hopefully this will shine light on the nature of transfer negotiations, what an actual transfer agreement and player contract look like, the role of agents, and how a deal gets done.

You can read the first entry in Reevaldo's journey here.

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