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Antonio Conte brings Chelsea squad's diet into 21st century

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte may be derided in some circles for his archaic training methods, emphasizing physical fitness, running, effort, work, work, and more work.  Here's for example, twice promoted, none shy Sean Dyche...

"Come to my training and see Sean Dyche doing that and you'd say, ‘Dinosaur, a young English dinosaur manager, hasn't got a clue'."

-Sean Dyche, Burnley manager; source: Evening Standard well Greatest Twitter Expert on Fitness Training Ever Raymond Verheijen.

(Somebody should enlighten him about airplane design however.)

Whether they're right or wrong, everything we've seen from Conte so far matches previous reports about his methods and beliefs.  The latest report concerns the players' strict diet, which, considering that Conte brought in a dedicated nutritionist in Tiberio Ancora, isn't exactly surprising either.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has forbidden ketchup, brown sauce and fizzy drinks as he changes the nutritional regime of the first-team squad.

[...] all food items that do not have any nutritional benefit for elite footballers are [to be] removed from the canteen at the Cobham training ground.

-source: ESPN

No more post-game pizza either, sorry, N'Golo!

Unlike the training methods, this is firmly new age thinking.  That said, just as a general rule of thumb, you should never trust sauces named purely after their color rather than purpose -- and I say this from personal experience with four years of "red sauce" and "white sauce" at the university cafeteria -- especially something called "brown sauce".

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