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Nemanja Matic, Antonio Conte finally hold showdown talks -- report

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Duane Burleson/Getty Images

These showdown talks were supposed to happen earlier this week, but then were postponed, possibly on account of Matic getting two days off just as the rest the squad did after a grueling, double-training session-filled preseason finished with Sunday's friendly against Werder Bremen.

Everybody who's not heading out on loan was back for Wednesday's open training and squad introductions (including Nathaniel Chalobah!), and at some point between now and then, Matic and Conte apparently sat down for a little heart-to-heart.

According to the Italian Transfer Market Oracle, Conte has convinced Matic to stay.  There are no further details as to what exactly may or may not have been said or promised, but this outcome is well in line with recent quotes from both player and manager about mutual admiration, happiness, and other such niceties.

Whether in a two- or a three-man midfield, the big Serbian Spiderbeasty will be counted on bringing his form of a couple years ago, rather than the one seen last year.  Hopefully he will reward Conte's faith in him (and vice versa).