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The Daily Hilario: Everyday I'm WaFFLeing

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Ok, good response to yesterday's call to action.  Here's where we stand:

Confirmed D1 (10): Bear Power, Chelsea Football Club., Crushgunners Town, Cowboys 'n Indians, dareNevils, Dodgy Flappers, Havana Villa FC, Langers Athletic, Vote For Azpilicueta, What A Load of Ballacks
Unconfirmed D1 (2):  Club Deportivo Real FC Dale United, The Harvey Wallbangers

Confirmed D2 (7): EMENALO AND THE SNAKE CHARMERS, Falcao Punch, Hawkeye FC, Icier Than Before, Slumdog TMIL-lionaires, Something something Sael side, Taco Bellerin
Unconfirmed D2 (5):  BenitezBelly, Capn Geech's Shrimp Shack Shooters, Compton Clover C.F., Schurrle's Revenge, TeamNotScared

Confirmed D3 (8): The Ak-Baba Rahmans, BT Blues, DP's All-Stars, The Expanding Flans, Hazard's behind, Kalou-less, Kudla Warriors, Los Compadres FC
Unconfirmed D3 (4): Crossing Torres, Pickled's Foos, Thousand Upper Volta, what's happening here

Newbies (30) — not guaranteed a place: ahoehler, Animesh96, Chelsea's Marvels, Conte's Inferno, Dani3850, EljefeeChukzy, The_Fez, Gianluigi Buffon, gingerconte, GOANGEEZER, Hazard'sleftnut, hazardislife, jaysasak, jsamans, Kraybon, KTBFFH!!!!!!!!!!, Larry_8, Lord Tyrion, Martinez#47, NateGoBlues, The neckbeard of Fabregas, Norzzini, Pharaohnee, Rupant, QuestyCat, South African Blue, Special 26, tatamourinho, ThatGuyChike, WiZaCar17

Plenty of room left to fill the 11 currently open spots and start a fourth division as well.  At least of now.  More on this later.

If you don't see your team-name (returnees) or user name (newbies) up there, be sure to contact me so that I can add you to the proper list.  If you know any of the teams/owners personally on the unconfirmed list, be sure to remind them to hit me up whether they want to continue this season.

I'm going to leave this open for another day or two, just to catch any stragglers.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
20.15:  Friendly:  Napoli vs. Nice
01.35 (next day):  Friendly:  Liverpool vs. AS Roma

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