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Appeal launched against Antonio Conte's acquittal on match-fixing charges

Gotta keep the lawyers busy!

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Complicated and high profile legal cases don't tend go away without multiple appeals, and that can especially be true in multi-tiered legal systems such as the one in Italy.  And so, even though Antonio Conte was acquitted by a judge in May of any wrongdoing in charges relating to his tenure at Siena in 2011, a different judge in a different court system will now have to preside over an appeals trial as the decision has been challenged by some prosecutor.

An Italian prosecutor has appealed against Antonio Conte's acquittal earlier this year in a 2011 match-fixing scandal, a legal source said on Friday.


Prosecutors said he had been aware of, but had not intervened to prevent, the alleged fixing of a game between Siena and relegation-threatened AlbinoLeffe, which Conte's Siena side lost 1-0.

-source: Reuters

The case was already rather thin against the now-Chelsea manager in the original trial, so unless there's been a (highly unlikely) new smoking gun uncovered, this simply looks like more legal churn for the lawyers, but very little actual impact on Conte himself.

Which is good, because Conte's first day in office will be Monday and it will be time to get down to busines

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