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Michy Bashuayi's first Chelsea interview: 'I'm so excited I can't sleep'

I have a feeling Michy Bashuayi's English is far better than he lets on or is willing to say, but perhaps he's not quite comfortable enough to use it yet. As someone for whom English was a third language, I can fully understand. A few months of immersion will cure those fears right quick. But for now, he conducted his first official interview with Chelsea TV in French, with the monotone and entirely emotionless translator conveying none of the 22-year-old's palpable excitement at joining Chelsea.

Which is a shame, because there's excitement aplenty. Batshuayi's answers may be fairly standard to the all the fairly standard questions ("magnificient", "dream", get better, work hard, etc etc etc), but he seems genuinely happy to have arrived and in these limited glimpses, appears not at all burdened by the rather hefty transfer fee Chelsea shelled out for him.

We'll see exactly how he will be used once pre-season starts and Conte begins to implement his tactical schemes (and of course also depending on any further transfer window movement), but it sure is nice to be excited about something after the events of the past 12 months.

Welcome, Michy!

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