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Let's get Eden Hazard on the cover of FIFA 17!


A Chelsea star has a chance to be on the cover of FIFA 17 all around the world. EA Sports announced today that four players have been chosen as finalists to become their cover athlete for this year's edition of the wildly-popular video game franchise.

Eden Hazard joins Marco Reus, Anthony Martial, and James Rodriguez as the four players up for the honor. All we have to do is vote him in and Hazard will be on the cover of one of the highest selling video games in the world.

The first reaction you may have to this news is thinking that Hazard didn't have a great season and you're wondering why he's a candidate. You'd probably be justified in your curiosity. However, that shouldn't eliminate him from contention of winning this vote. When you look at all the other candidates, none of them are more deserving.

Martial had a nice season for Manchester United and could very well become a star, but for now he's still an unproven talent that could easily fade over time. While James Rodriguez and Marco Reus are both extremely talented players, they also both had disappointing seasons according to their standards. You can find faults with all four nominees. That's why we should vote for Hazard because...well...blind bias and club pride. VOTE HAZARD!

Click here to vote for Eden Hazard

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