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The Daily Hilario: Toga toga toga Togga!

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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So, it's almost August.  It's almost time for the 2016-17 Premier League season.  Which means it's also almost time for the third season of the WaFFLe.

If you're not familiar, the WaFFLe is REAL fantasy football.  Real in the sense that unlike the traditional fantasy football offerings for the Premier League, this one's a "draft" league — i.e. any given player can only be owned by one team.  So it's more like the standard American fantasy league than your standard English fantasy league.

Last season, we had 36 players take part using the free offering from Togga, which is the service we'll be using this year as well.  Last year's leagues were to serve as qualifiers for this year's setup, with the top 4 from each 12-team league qualifying for Division 1, the middle 4 qualifying for Division 2, and the bottom 4 qualifying for Division 3.

Given that setup, here's what the divisions would look like, assuming everyone's coming back.

Division 1:
Zola qual. group:  dareNevils, What A Load of Ballacks, Club Deportivo Real FC Dale, Langers Athletic
Terry qual. group:  Chelsea Football Club., Havana Villa FC, Crushgunners Town, The Harvey Wallbangers
Lampard qual. group:  Bear Power, Dodgy Flappers, Vote For Azpilicueta, Cowboys 'n Indians

Division 2:
Zola qual. group:  EMENALO AND THE SNAKE CHARMERS, Taco Bellerin, Falcao Punch, Hawkeye FC
Terry qual. group:  Icier Than Before, Compton Clovers C.F., Something something Sael side, BenitezBelly
Lampard qual. group:  Slumdog TMIL-lionaires, Capn Geech's Shrimp Shack Shooters, TeamNotScared, Schurrle's Revenge

Division 3:
Zola qual. group:  DP's All-Stars, BT Blues, Thousand Upper Volta, Pickled's Foos
Terry qual. group:  Los Compadres FC, Kalou-less, Crossing Torres, Hazard's behind
Lampard qual. group:  Kudla Warriors, The Expanding Flans, Woah what's happening here, The Ak-Baba Rahmans

We'll worry about exact rankings within the divisions in a bit.  First, we need to figure out who all's coming back and who all's interested in joining.


Here's what I need.

IF you're coming back, send me an email WITH YOUR TEAM NAME from the list above and saying that you're coming back.  Also, if you're willing to serve as commissioner for your league, be sure to indicate that.  If it's not obvious, please include your WAGNH username as well, so I know how to refer to you if needed.

IF you're interested in playing (and didn't play last year), send me an email WITH YOUR WAGNH USERNAME.  Any teams that drop out from last year will be replaced with new teams, though the newcomers will be put at the bottom and everyone else will slide up.

If there's enough extra interest, we'll contemplate adding a fourth (or fifth?) division.

From this coming season on, we'll be doing straight promo/relegation rather than qualifying groups.

Any questions?  Drop a comment and you'll get an answer quicklike.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.00:  Johan Cruijff Schaal:  Feyenoord vs. PSV
19.00:  MLS, 4th(W) vs. 7th(W):  Sporting KC vs. Portland Timbers
19.45:  Friendly:  Olympique Lyonnais vs. Benfica
21.00:  MLS, 9th(W) vs. 3rd(W):  Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy
02.00 (next day):  Friendly:  Guadalajara vs. Arsenal

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