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Little N'Golo Kante makes big impression on his first day of Chelsea training

N'Golo Kanté, the last player missing in action has now joined up with the Chelsea squad in America (not counting Mikel, who's off to the Olympics). And in even better news, he took to his first day of training after his summer holidays as if he had never even missed a beat from last season and the European Championships.

"For N'Golo today, it was the first day training with us. He's in good physical condition, fantastic."

"We are pleased to have N'Golo with us because he is a player who doesn't speak a lot but he does his job. He's a good guy, humble, with a great will to work. It's very important to me, this. He started to look at our idea of football to understand our method."

For Conte, who sees a bit of himself in the hard-working midfielder, the first order of business will be to make the new signing comfortable with the rest of his teammates, get him integrated, and then maybe improve his game even more.

"I've had conversations with him. I explained what I expect on the pitch and he is an important player, can become an important player for Chelsea in the midfield, in the same way, like Nemanja Matic, Cesc Fabregas and the others. I'm pleased to have all the players here."

"N'Golo's a runner. He has great stamina and endurance. He's in good shape but we want to respect the time in the training session and put him in to play with us in the future."

"I know the people who know N'Golo and they told me he has a fantastic attitude and great energy. Also, he doesn't speak a lot. It is not necessary for him to speak more. If you have two or three who speak during the game I'm very happy."

"I think N'Golo is a bit shy. He's just arrived at a new club and must find confidence with his team-mates and his manager."

"In my career I had great stamina, was a great runner. Also I scored some goals. I hope N'Golo can improve in this situation. Maybe we are similar, but I know N'Golo can become a fantastic midfielder and he can improve a lot."

-Antonio Conte; source: Evening Standard

Sounds like a plan.

Welcome, N'Golo!

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