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MLS All-Star Didier Drogba scores against Arsenal, because it’s a day ending in y

It seems like we can't go one week without Didier Drogba doing something cool and bringing bad old memories. Well, brace yourself because this moment will bring back all the nostalgia.

Not only did Didi score in the MLS All-Star game, he did it against one of Chelsea's biggest foes, Arsenal. And he did it against his old teammate and Chelsea legend, Petr Cech. Here's a look at the goal:

via r/Soccer

Obviously not the most beautiful goal he's ever scored in his illustrious career, but it had to be an enjoyable one for him personally. There's no doubt he'll never let Cech live down that moment. The former Blues goalkeeper even admitted as much earlier this week, saying Drogba would taunt him for a year if he scored. Well, time to prepare for that, Petr.

During his career, Drogba had scored 15 times against Arsenal, 13 of them coming for Chelsea and two for Galatasaray. Tack one more onto that total now.

Arsenal haven't forgotten, either.

Drogba was voted into the All-Star Game starting XI by the fans alongside the likes of Kaka, David Villa, and Andrea Pirlo. His goal equalized at halftime negating a Joel Campbell penalty. He was subbed out at the start of the second half to rest up for Montreal's next match.

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