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Diego Costa's Instagram post has Chelsea fans worried he's leaving for Atlético Madrid

Social media can be a wonderful thing to feel more connected to our favorite teams and players.  But sometimes, it can flip us the other way, and get us all worried.

Is this Diego Costa saying goodbye?  Or is he just thankful to have such great friends on the team that he was inspired to post about them on Instagram after Wednesday's friendly against Liverpool?

Thank you very much for all my friends!!!

A photo posted by Diego Costa (@diego.costa) on

Prior to the match, Costa had been talking about working hard and preparing for the season — quotes that match his general demeanor this pre-season.  He seems fully committed to the Chelsea cause, yet those pesky rumors about returning to Atlético Madrid are just not going away. (Thanks, Spanish media!)

"We must not go worse, right? Our campaign last season was really bad. A team like Chelsea can't do it. We know the importance of our team and we have to be in a better position."

"The coach is working hard. We have noticed that he wants to do things well here and the fans are also hopeful with him. We were needing a change and now it is time to work."

"We have been training hard. Training well before the matches is always important - we know each other and will try to do the things that the coach wants."

"Am I enjoying the trip? Actually not (he joked), because we are training hard (laughing). But it is a beautiful place. We will enjoy if we receive some free time."

-Diego Costa; source: Evening Standard

Costa did not play against Liverpool — he wasn't even in the matchday squad! — though he was out there with the squad during the pre-match ambling about the pitch and signed a few shirts for the adoring crowd.  A few unconfirmed reports claimed he had picked up a knock in training the day prior, but I haven't seen anything official.

The Costa exit rumors have rumbled along for so long, I've basically managed to tune them out as white noise.  They've recently returned louder and more disruptive.  Could this be another step?   My brain says no, but the heart's a bit worried.

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