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Thibaut Courtois is really happy about knowing Oklahoma

Another USA quiz contestant

Chelsea TV have been running a fun quiz feature on their channel in lead up to the club's preseason tour of the United States. The basic premise is to bring in players and ask them questions related to the USA and American culture.

As you'd expect, American Matt Miazga has been the most successful so far, acing the quiz. The rest of the contestants haven't been so efficient. After Asmir Begovic, Eden Hazard, and Pedro all had varying degrees of success, it's Thibaut Courtois' turn to show off his knowledge of American culture.

Unfortunately, he didn't do too hot overall. But, it's safe to say that no other entrant has been as happy to get questions correct as he was. Just look at his reaction as he gets the "Which three states begin with 'O?' question right:

I don't think I've ever been that happy about anything in my entire life. He was pretty pleased to have gotten that one dead on. Now he just needs to study up on U.S. Presidents and -- like a lot of the participants -- probably issue Matt Miazga an apology.

He may have only gotten a few right, but we can never take Oklahoma away from him.

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