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Diego Costa promotes Chelsea's USA Tour the only way Diego Costa can

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Chelsea TV have been stepping up their game recently, from discovering super slow motion to posting longer and free-er and more varied videos. They're still not City TV, but few are. Continuous improvement. Baby steps. We'll get there.

This video's not one of their longer efforts; it is just a short promo for the upcoming USA Tour after all. Three games, three cities, etc etc etc. We should know the schedule by now.

But what makes this video special is the one and only Diego Costa, famous for his goals, shenanigans, and a carefree attitude when it comes to learning English.

"Coming soon!"

Diego Costa is, supposedly, also very disgruntled at Chelsea and, if the Spanish media are to be believed, wants nothing more than to leave the Blues and go back home to Atlético Madrid where he doesn't have to do these silly things in a foreign language.

He's clearly not enjoying himself at Chelsea, no siree bob.