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Nobody at Chelsea seems to know who Matt Miazga is

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Next up in Chelsea TV's "Great American Quiz" series is the highly confident Calvin Klein model Pedro Rodriguez, who, we'll all be pleased to know, is fully clothed in this video.

Unfortunately, he's not exactly knowledgable when it comes to basic questions about the USA, and it would appear that they took pity on him and only asked (or decided to only show) an abbreviated set of questions (nothing about Men's and Women's World Cups or states that begin with 'O', etc.). They let him go out on a high note even, when he got the Frank Lampard question right. Got one!

Pedro's now the fourth contestant in this quiz series, and the one common theme that's emerged is that other than Asmir Begovic, nobody seems to know that Matt Miazga is the first American player to have played for Chelsea. Matt Miazga himself barely knew it! Poor Matt. Maybe he can make an impression in the upcoming tour and, first, maybe introduce himself to his teammates at some point?