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Antonio Conte reiterates minimum expectations for the season ahead

Personal goals: buy better anti-perspirant
Personal goals: buy better anti-perspirant
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These are nothing that we hadn't heard before, both in terms of rumors of the Chelsea Board tasking the new manager with their set of minimum expectations and the new manager himself speaking of said expectations ahead of the new season.  But, Conte apparently talked about them again after the 8-0 win in the secret friendly on Thursday, and thus everybody else is talking about them again, so we might as well talk about them.  Again.

(Plus it spares us from having to waste time and braincells on silly Mourinho videos.)

Take it away, Don Tonio.

"We must come back after a bad season, after the 10th place.  We need to come back very soon in the right position because Chelsea is a great team in England and in the world, and it is right that we must come back to fight for the title."

"I know it's not simple because there are many strong teams in England, but I am confident because we are working and I see the players with a great identity. The players want to come back very soon to fight for the title. For me this is the most important thing."

Fight for the title, got it.

"Usually when there has been a bad season it means that there are many problems, not just with the players or the manager, but the past is not important for me or the players. What is important is the present, to work very hard all together. We know we have to fight together to come back to fight for the title. This is what the club wants, what the players want, what I want and what the fans want."

"It's important we stay together and overcome this bad period for Chelsea and come back also to play the Champions League, because the Champions League is Chelsea's home."

"We know this and we are trying to work hard to come back very soon. I want our fans to be very proud of the players, of the manager and of the club. It's very important."

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

Fight for the title.  Fight for the Champions League (our home!).  Fight for the future.  Fight for your right.  Fight with hard work.  Fight with pride.  Fight fight fight.

Go fight win!  Woo!

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