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Antonio Conte, great at football, bad at selfies

Guys, Antonio Conte is really great. His exuberance on the touchline is only outmatched by his football knowledge. We saw it at Euro 2016, how emotional and intelligent he can be. He took a lackluster Italy roster all the way to the quarterfinals of that tournament. Needless to say, the excitement of Chelsea fans regarding their new leader right now is high.

So, just imagine this scenario for a moment:

You're a Chelsea fan and you run into Conte and have a chance to hand him your phone for a magnificent selfie. This is your big moment that you'll show off all over social media.

Well, that happened to one fan and they shared their experience on reddit. Here's the end result of that encounter:

OH NO! That's not what a selfie is supposed to look like, at all. Oh, well. At least they got a really cool story to tell instead of a lame photo.

Just goes to show you that we can't all be good at everything. Conte is obviously a brilliant footballing mind, just not that great at technology, apparently.

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