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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumor Déjà Vu: Lukaku bid; Koulibaly rejection; Cuadrado uncertainty

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

It's scientifically proven that Thursdays are the worst days — and you can't argue with science! — and so it would seem that the rumor mill agrees and is putting in the least amount of effort possible to get by.

Here are three of the biggest stories, all of which are basically re-runs of things that have come before, have been debunked or ignored or made obsolete by subsequent developments, but for whatever reason, are now back again.

Back up in your face with the resurrection!  Hit it.


Diego Costa isn't going anywhere; even Atlético Madrid seem to have taken the hint.  Álvaro Morata isn't going anywhere either, hopefully.  Gonzalo Higuain may be going somewhere, but that somewhere may be Juventus.  So that leaves Romelu Lukaku.  Again.

The Lukaku-return rumors were hot topic for a while, before the boy once known as the Kraken changed his mind again.  Did he change his mind again?  Again again?  This tends to happen a lot with him.  No filter.

The price remains unchanged, €60-65m, which buys half-a-Pogba nowadays.  But the situation has changed since then, with the addition of Batshuayi, so unless Costa leaves, this would be a massively frivolous purchase.


Nothing new here either, just Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis reiterating his stance.

"He has three years left on his contract and he's not going to leave."

-Auerilo De Laurentiis; source: Calcio Mercato

Loud and clear.


No sooner has Cuadrado rejoined Chelsea with the blessing of Antonio Conte than a fresh round of rumors linking him with Juventus or perhaps either of the two Milan clubs popped up.  Somehow the price has increased a fair amount as well, with €30m being batted about.  That's the ill-advised price Chelsea paid to Fiorentina back in the day, though nowadays, that's less than you lose running for the bus.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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