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Behold the eyesore that is Chelsea's energy drink-sponsored training kit

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Announced with far less fanfare, if any at all, than Chelsea's home kit, the new training kits for next season have quietly gone on sale in the Chelsea megastore.  Looking at them, that's the only thing they're doing quietly.

BA-BAM.  CARABAO!  Watch out for these guys.  Proper hard.  Mock turtlenecks are so in right now.

Here's the full range, first rumored back in November, which proves that having to look at all of them does not actually make you go blind.  At least not permanently.

Some of it is actually not that bad.  The two-tone short sleeves on the grey and black polo shirts, for example, are quite nice.  Until you get to the logo that is, which is clashes hilariously with every design feature and aspect of the whole clothing range.

Or perhaps that's the point.  To get you to notice.  These are training shirts after all, worn mostly out of sight of cameras and TV viewers, and Carabao (its not Red Bull, it's "Red Buffalo") isn't exactly a well-known worldwide brand.  Limited engagement with the target audience, but at least this way we're guaranteed to notice.  And since they're giving the club £10m-a-year for the privilege, they can pretty much do whatever they want, I suppose.

Just don't expect me to buy them.

(h/t: /r/chelseafc)

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