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WATCH: American Matt Miazga doesn't embarrass himself in USA quiz

Matt Miazga is a United States international. Get used to hearing that sentence or something like it, because you're bound to hear it repeated over and over again with Chelsea soon to be on their way to the USA for their pre-season tour.

Chelsea TV have been running a fun little trivia challenge with some of its players, quizzing their knowledge of American facts and culture. First it was Asmir Begovic, then Eden Hazard. Now it's Miazga's turn.

It would be rather embarrassing if they brought in an American to take a quiz about the USA and he got a question incorrect. Thankfully, the New Jersey native did his country proud and aced the quiz.

A bit comically, the only question he seemed to have difficulty with was "Who is the first American player to ever play for Chelsea?" -- Ironically the answer to the question is him. That would've been even more embarrassing, getting a question wrong when you're the answer. But, Miazga got them all right and will be allowed back in the country of his birth when the Blues travel stateside very soon.

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