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Kurt Zouma returns to light training five months after suffering ghastly ACL injury

But the road to full recovery is long yet.

Chelsea's 2015-16 season certainly had more than just a sprinkling of bad moments, but one of the truly gut-wrenching ones was Kurt Zouma's injury in February while playing against Manchester United at Old Trafford. A bad landing after an aerial challenge tore his ACL, forcing him to undergo surgery and miss the rest of the season.

The timeline for a full return from such an injury is from six months to a year, if not more. So far, Zouma is trending towards the more optimistic side of the spectrum.

According to the club's website, Zouma only featured in certain parts of training, though it's unclear which ones or to what extent he got to participate.  While we won't get to see the impact the injury's had on the 21-year-old's play, this is still good news.

Here's hoping for continuing good recovery for Zouma!

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