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N'Golo Kanté says goodbye to Leicester City in farewell letter

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Chelsea's newest signing, N'Golo Kanté, is a game-changer. Last season he rose to stardom during Leicester City's Cinderella run to the Premier League title. A lot of experts credit the Frenchman's midfield play for lifting the Foxes to the top of the table. He then went on to play a huge role for France in the 2016 European Championships, eventually losing in extra time in the final.

A day after completing his high-priced move to Chelsea, Kanté took to his Twitter account to pay his respects to his former club and supporters:

via @nglkante

While it's not unusual for a player to be respectful and say goodbye to their former club, it's certainly not a requirement. Usually it depends on the circumstances surrounding the departure. With this nice gesture, it's safe to assume the new Chelsea midfielder leaves Leicester on good terms from his point of view. We'll see how Leicester and their fans feel about it when the two teams are scheduled to meet at the King Power Stadium on January 14.